Employee Monitoring Software for BPO & Data Entry Services

CloudDesk® offers a tailor-made solution with customizable features to meet the current business needs of the BPO and Data Entry industries. Empowering you with workforce data so that you may maximize productivity and efficiency in your organization.

Maximize Productive Labor Hours
At Remote BPO & DATA Entry Centers

Track the computer activities of your performance-focused BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and Data Entry agents (scriber, translator, copyist, record-keeper, freelancer) to gain more actionable insights and ways to increase their productivity. With the help of features such as time-tracking, web, and app usage logs, and recorded screenshots, you can accurately monitor your employees’ computer activity.

Track And Improve Employee Productivity

CloudDesk® is a cloud-based employee activity monitoring software that provides real-time monitoring, automatic screenshots at predetermined intervals, and cloud storage. The software can monitor each employee’s active and idle hours and display the results in an easy-to-understand dashboard and data visualizations, which are essential for managing a productive team.

Make Every
Minute Count

To maximize your profit, simplify BPO and Data Entry operator monitoring with accurate time tracking and automatic activity log recording. Conduct time audits utilizing thorough activity logs to discover gridlocks, excessive work lengths, and wasted time-identity long breaks, unnecessary meetings, and potential work hour abuse.

Two-Way Trust

Transparency is the key for an employee-employer relationship to be mutually beneficial. CloudDesk® allows you to capture all of an employee’s activities during their working hours, allowing you to provide more accurate feedback, which creates a win-win situation for both ends.

Clouddesk® Employee Monitoring Software Is Designed For Both In-House Data Entry Teams Or Outsourced BPO Companies

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Offer-Flexible-Work-HoursOffer Flexible Work Hours

Allow your remote Data Entry agents or BPO staff to check-in at their leisure. The concept of being confined to a desk for eight hours per day is obsolete. Allow employees to work around their personal life rather than the other way around to modernize your business. Determine the amount of time spent on projects by individuals and groups. To estimate project costs, assign hourly rates to engaged employees.

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clouddesk Know-Your-Employees-Better-image

Know-Your-Employees-Better-imageKnow Your Employees Better

By keeping track of running applications and web activity, CloudDesk® provides you with critical data on employee work behavior, such as their most/least productive hours, performance, and time management efficiency, which you can use to learn about their strengths and weaknesses. This also aids in accurately quoting new clients and allocating employees based on historical hard data.

Improved-Employee-Management--iconImproved Employee Management

CloudDesk® improves a company's employee oversight skills by ensuring that employees adhere to best practices for work-related tasks, sensitive company data, secure access to, confidential resources, and security. It ensures that all employee actions are tracked, giving you complete visibility and traceability over your operations.

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Use Clouddesk® For Employee Productivity Analysis And Appreciate The Deserving Ones

Features Of CloudDesk®

BPO and data entry company employee monitoring software

Facility Monitoring Remote Employee Activity Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of every remote employee activity. Preventing misconduct while enhancing production and ROI.

Emergency Management Employee Time Tracking

Allow employees to check-in/check-out and enroll their Face ID for day-to-day attendance confirmation.

Detailed InspectionsEmployee Engagement Checking

Throughout the working day, remind employees to confirm their engagement.

Live Screenshots

To keep employees concentrated on high-value activity, the software generates random screenshots.


Monitor Web And App Usage

Keep track of the website and app throughout the day to confirm that they are dedicated and productive.

Employee Identity Verification

Employee monitoring software asks employees to authenticate their presence through face recognition on a regular basis.


Robust Insights

When employees check-in, it takes photos to document attendance and, optionally, log screenshots.

Seamless Integration & Management

Using our seamless integration engine, it syncs attendance data with UKG/Kronos and ADP.


Platform Flexibility

Admins can modify user settings and analyze data across multiple devices with web and mobile (Android and iOS) support.

Do you want to find out why CloudDesk® is the best employee monitoring software for BPO and Data Entry industries?

Who Else Can Use Our

Employee Monitoring Software?

Banks and
Financial Organizations

With the CloudDesk® employee monitoring software, for banks and financial institutions, you can track valuable analytics like workforce productivity, work hours, and detect performance degradation. It allows you to watch employee work patterns and take corrective action without having to tirelessly walk around the workplace. All you have to do is take a quick look at your smartphone!

Customer Service &
Call Centers

CloudDesk® monitoring system empowers your Call Center & Customer Care Services to run more efficiently and effectively via time and productivity insights. The powerful software enhances individual and team performance based on activity, tasks or timeframes. Without hours of tedious micromanagement, our automated employee monitoring dashboard allows you to assess your agents’ work patterns and take corrective steps.

Software Development
& IT

CloudDesk® is a complete employee monitoring solution built specifically for IT (Information Technology) professionals to monitor and optimize their productivity. Simply start using CloudDesk® and understand how your IT team works. Empower your people, ensure healthy work habits, and optimize processes to skyrocket productivity.

Small and
Medium Businesses

CloudDesk® employee monitoring software is an affordable small/medium business solution with monthly or annual subscription costs that are manageable for any small or medium sized businesses. The software starts tracking time from the minute employees start to work to the minute they stop. Allowing you to get complete access to all workday activities providing actionable data to help create clear goals and expectations

Freelance Employee

CloudDesk® is a robust employee monitoring software suitable for both freelancers and contractors. The software offers effective and customizable features to manage freelancers smartly to optimize their productivity. Our employee tracking software helps to monitor time and activities that provide the client as well as the freelancer accurate analytics and reports for accountability and to ensure tasks are finished more productively, and profitably.

Work From
Home Monitoring

CloudDesk® is an all-in-one software monitor that optimizes the performance of various types of teams including hybrid teams with work from home employees. The software helps you to see when your work from home employees start and finish their working day, their daily activities and overall productivity level. CloudDesk is a simple, accurate activity and time tracking solution that ensures that your employees are productive while they are working from home.

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