Frequently Asked Question

What is CloudDesk®?

CloudDesk® is easy-to-use remote employee monitoring software for monitoring employees that work from distributed location. The solution includes features such as: time tracking, screenshot capture, and tracking of user internet activity. With no hidden features or stealth monitoring system, CloudDesk® makes sure that the whole process of monitoring is completely transparent to the employees, and it also gives them the control to start and stop the monitoring. Once an employee stops working, the software doesn’t capture anything, securing employees right to privacy.

Who is CloudDesk® for?

CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software is designed for businesses of all sizes that have both office employees and remote team members, such as remote employees, work from home employees, freelancers, individual contractors, and many more.

How much is CloudDesk®?

CloudDesk® comes with one single Premium Package which allows you to enjoy all its features for $15 per user per month.

How does CloudDesk’s time tracking work?

Tracking and monitoring employees working from home is incredibly easy with CloudDesk®. After creating your account and adding employees, your remote workforce can use CloudDesk® to track their time. They simply start the software when they log in. Once employees log in, the software quietly runs in the background of their computer and tracks every work activity your employee does. The software captures total working hours, break time, active/idle time, and meeting time of every employee, giving you a complete idea about how long an employee worked. This level of time tracking data creates a huge change in the way you manage your team. You can track time and analyze your employees’ performance to optimize their productivity for efficient and better project organization, improved workflow, optimized processes, and accurate budgeting.

How often does CloudDesk® take screenshots?

Business owners can set the frequency of the screenshot at random time in every minute. You can reduce or increase the frequency at which CloudDesk takes screenshots or turn the feature off completely on an individual user basis.

Where are screenshots saved?

All screenshots are saved in the CloudDesk® cloud service and you can view screenshots of all employees from a single dashboard.

Does CloudDesk® record employee screens?

CloudDesk® only captures screenshots of employee computer activities at a regular interval assigned by the employer. CloudDesk® doesn’t record video of employees’ computers and doesn’t do anything that can violate their privacy. Screenshots are captured which functions as a proof of work to help business owners better understand employee work activity and work progress.

Does CloudDesk® record voice and video?

CloudDesk® does not record voice and video and it never will. CloudDesk® is a productivity tool and not a spy software. CloudDesk® provides a 100% transparent way of monitoring, making it a trustworthy software for both employees and employers.

How does CloudDesk® track internet activity?

CloudDesk® tracks the usage of websites and apps to give you complete analytics on your employees’ internet activities in real-time. This tracking process ensures that you can clearly understand how employees worked throughout the day and decide what needs to be adjusted.

How does CloudDesk® calculate activity rates?

The software tracks time, screenshots, and internet usage to provide a productivity report based on the activity of an employee. You can also view individual reports for granular level of analysis for better understanding of the productivity level of your employees.

How does CloudDesk® calculate idle time?

CloudDesk® automatically stops tracking time when there is no activity for 5 minutes or more. The time is automatically deducted from the timesheet and saved as idle time. The tracker continues to track idle time unless an employee starts to work again. The amount of time with no activity at which idle time starts being counted is configurable for each employee depending on their job role.

Does CloudDesk® track location?

CloudDesk® software has built-in GPS capabilities that allows team leaders and managers to track their work from home employees’ locations. The feature confirms your employee’s location and helps you to manage both locally or globally distributed teams.

How can I use CloudDesk to track employee’s productivity?

CloudDesk® is equipped with great features that makes tracking your remote employee’s efficiency an easy task. With time tracking features, screenshots, and usage of web/app tracking, you can easily identify how your remote employees are performing. You can identify employees who perform poorly and support them to increase their productivity. The software provides auto-generated reports daily/weekly/monthly to help you understand employee productivity in great detail.

What can managers track from the Mobile App?

CloudDesk® Mobile App is a fully featured activity and productivity tracking solution to make your monitoring process faster and simpler. You can collect an employee’s work updates and easily identify any vital changes using your smartphones. Our Mobile App gives you the power to track your employees regardless of your location. Here’s everything you can track from the mobile app:
  • Working hours, break, idle/active time
  • Meeting time
  • Screenshots
  • Web/app usage data
  • Activity data
  • Location of employee

Does CloudDesk® run 24/7?

No, CloudDesk® only works when an employee clicks the Start button and Stops tracking when an employee logs out.

Is CloudDesk® legal?

Yes, CloudDesk® is legal and does not violate any privacy regulation when used correctly. CloudDesk® does not track any activity without employees’ consent, which is the “Start Working” button.

We highly recommend that you disclose why, when, and how you are going to use CloudDesk® to your employees and contractors before they start using the app. This helps your employees to fully understand the software so they can use it with peace of mind.

Please note: This is not legal advice. We recommend you consult with your legal counsel regarding monitoring your business and its employees.

In what countries is CloudDesk® available?

CloudDesk® is available in all countries. You can use CloudDesk® from any location around the globe and manage a globally distributed team.

Can I use CloudDesk® on a trial?

Yes. CloudDesk® offers a trial plan that includes all the features for a limited period of time. See our pricing details for more details.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes. You can easily cancel your CloudDesk® subscription at any time without any hassle. Contact our support team and request for your subscription to be canceled.

How to get more information about CloudDesk?

Please click the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page and write to us about your query. Our support team will reach out to you within 24-48 hours.

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