Monitor Employee Website & App Usage
to Enhance Productivity

Optimizing your employees' web and app usage is one of the keys to the success of your workforce productivity - but only if you’re able to rapidly make adjustments based on the insights you gather. With CloudDesk®, you can get the complete analytics on their internet and application usage just in time. The software lets you track every website, programs, and apps that your employees use, so that you can clearly see what’s done throughout the day and decide what needs to be adjusted.


Analyze employee web and app usage to optimize their productivity level


Keep historical log of employees website and app usage for future audit purposes


Detect usage pattern, suspicious activity or data leak to respond immediately


Take Data-Based Decisions to Improve Team Performance

The main goal of website and app tracking is to help you understand which websites your employees visit the most and how much time they are spending in there. This will help you to:

Take Data-Based Decisions To Improve Team Performance

The Benefit of Tracking Employee Website and App Usages

Better productivity assessment

Tracking websites and apps usage let you look at their historical app and web usage log and assess if their activities align with roles, responsibilities, and productivity goals.

Optimize employee productivity

Web and app usage tracking helps your business to better understand employees' work patterns to optimize their activity to increase productivity, and help establish healthy work habits.

Increases employee accountability

Internet usage tracking fosters a sense of responsibility in the employees’ mind so that they know they are accountable for their actions, decisions, behavior, and performance.

Eliminate insider threat

Track user activity outside the normal behavior to detect when users violate rules and take action to prevent escalation of threats.

Reduce IT expenses

By collecting & analyzing historical data on employee internet and app usage you can remove underutilized software, bandwidth and other resources to save from needless IT expenses.

Builds mutual trust

If there is mistrust between employer and employee, a tool that monitors web and app usage can slowly but surely rebuild trust as the employer will always know what the employee is doing.

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