Secure Remote Employee Identity Verification
with CloudDesk®

CloudDesk® employee monitoring software comes with a cloud-based Face ID Verification feature that captures and recognizes the face of employees while they are working. The process ensures a person’s identity matches with the one that is supposed to be.


Confirm employee identity with face verification to prevent ID fraud


Keeps employee engaged to his work by ensuring their physical presence


Eliminates buddy punching through face verification during login and logout


Why Are Employees' Facial Identity Verification Important?


Create a Highly Motivated and Productive Workforce

Promotes transparency

Facial recognition feature stops any unauthorised personnel from working for you, promoting 100% transparency between remote teams and managers by assuring that the right employees are working.

Confirms employee engagement

Throughout the working day, the software periodically reminds employees to confirm their participation through conducting face verification making them more productive towards their work.

Offer flexible working hours

The software will always ensure log-in of the right employee every time an employee starts to work or resumes after a short/long break. Thus making it easier for companies to offer flexible working hours to its remote employees.

Builds mutual trust

With such intelligent authentication mechanisms you will never have a reason to doubt employee presence, productivity and performance. It lets you build mutual trust with your remote teams and deliver exceptional employee experiences.

Increases employee accountability

Remote working gives employees a lot of freedom.In such an environment verifying your employees using identity verification helps to strengthen accountability as the employer knows who exactly logged into the system and at what time.

Perfect for remote teams

Our intelligent identity verification solutions securely confirms remote employee presence with great accuracy, thus it helps to speed up businesses regardless of employee locations.

Try CloudDesk® Free for 14 Days

Get full access to all features with a 14-day trial. No credit card needed. Cancel any time.

Try CloudDesk® Free for 14 Days

Get full access to all features with a 14-day trial. No credit card needed. Cancel any time.