Why is CloudDesk® Best for Your Business?

CloudDesk® and Workpuls are two of the most popular time tracking solutions today. So, which one is actually better for your organization.

Features Comparison Table



Time tracking
Tracks total working hours of employee
Activity monitoring
Track different activities while working
Engagement tracking
Check to ensure that the employee is actively working
Productivity monitoring
Measures productivity level of each employee
Stealth mode
Monitoring without notification and consent of employee
Screenshot monitoring
Takes random screenshot at different intervals for audit log
Web/App usage tracking
Tracks and keeps record of web/app usage
Meeting time tracking
Keep track of the time spent on online or offline meetings
Idle time tracking
The time when there was no activity to track
Break time calculation
Keep log of the number, type and duration of breaks
Offline tracking
Saves valuable tracking data anytime, even without Internet.
Summary report
Overview of employee activity over a specific timeline
Custom reporting
Generate reports to measure & enhance producitvity
Face ID verification
Confirm employee Face ID randomly to minimize fraud
Role based access
Access based on a person's role within an organization

Enterprise level only
Audit logs
Document of activities, actions, or users across a system

Enterprise level only
Know the location from where your employees are working
Payroll invoicing
Calculate employee payroll based on productivity data
Ability to integrate with third party apps
Customize app functionality as per business workflow
Free trial
Fully accessible free trial option with all features
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With CloudDesk®, You Can:

Choosing CloudDesk® means you get the best value for the money –
undoubtedly CloudDesk® is one of the best alternatives to Workpuls.
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The Pricing Plan



Premium package is $15/user/ month with all features Premium price range starts from$12 per user per month with limited features. Full feature available on Enterprise level.
Unlimited apps from CloudApper marketplace

Choose the Best Solution for Your Business.

+Unlimited Apps From CloudApper® Marketplace

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Ready to Improve Your Employee Efficiency and Productivity?

The complete productivity platform

It’s simple psychology. When you are using Clouddesk to track time and computer activity, employees are more aware of how they’re spending time for their tasks. This improves focus and increases productivity in teams.

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