Activity Monitoring Software To Boost Employee Performance

Activity Monitoring Software To Boost Employee Performance

With easy access to the Internet and a relaxed work environment, employees can take advantage of the organization’s resources and working hours. User Activity Monitoring software lets managers and admins track and collect real-time information about employees using company networks, connected devices, and monitored workstations. Managers might have questions about their employees: Who is the most efficient worker? What kinds of web and apps do they use most during work hours? What time of day does the team work best? Activity Monitoring Software can provide answers. 

How User Activity Monitoring Works 

Activity monitoring software tracks applications and programs utilized on the monitored workstation. The user’s on-screen behaviors are recorded in a log. This guarantees that company information remains secure and that person carries out their duties effectively. Additionally, CloudDesk captures random screenshots to maintain a visual log of work. CloudDesk activity monitoring software includes features like: 

Time Tracking

As your business expands, time tracking becomes highly complicated. You must understand how your employees work and what tasks they are working on. This is an essential feature, especially for businesses with globally distributed teams, outsourced teams, or employees with flexible working hours. CloudDesk automatically tracks individual employees’ working hours, attendance, and active/idle/break/meeting times. 

Software for Monitoring Work From Home Employees
  • Instant Visibility Into The Productivity Level Of Your Remote Team
  • Track Time With Productive, Idle And Break Type Categorisation
  • Help Employees To Free Up Time By Discarding Distracting Activities
  • Reward Employees Based On Their Work Ethics And Contribution
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Web & App Usage

The main goal of website and app tracking is to help managers understand which websites their employees visit the most and how much time they spend there. With CloudDesk, managers can access complete analytics on employees’ Internet and application usage. The software lets managers track every website, program, and app employees use to see what’s done throughout the day to decide what needs to be adjusted. 

Detailed Reporting

Gain valuable insights using CloudDesk’s comprehensive dashboard with a visual log of employees’ daily activities to increase team productivity. Receive auto-generated reports to review productivity metrics and identify opportunities for improvement. CloudDesk activity monitoring software offer’s highly customizable report generation with advanced filtering options by date, time, and users. The report also can be exported as Excel or CSV spreadsheet. 

Blocklisted Apps 

With this feature, you can restrict access to unproductive or distracting websites. Typically, businesses block social media, online gaming, entertainment, and streaming websites like Netflix. CloudDesk tracks employees using prohibited apps/websites. The manager is notified via email if an employee uses a banned website/app.

Advantages of User Activity Monitoring

Any level of monitoring can provide a vast amount of information. The objective of any user activity monitoring program should be to discover and filter actionable data that is useful for data protection activities. You can instantly recognize and investigate questionable user behavior with effective procedures. The average daily time spent on personal activities at work, according to The Art of Not Working at Work, is between 1.5 and 3 hours.

According to a survey by Court, a company with 500 employees that use the Internet recreationally for only a half hour every day loses nearly $1 million annually. Utilizing user activity tracking software allows managers to monitor resource use and employee actions, saving the substantial firm money. The organization’s productivity rises when the right individuals are given the proper task. Recognizing their strengths and shortcomings is crucial to assigning employees responsibilities that maximize their potential. Employee monitoring can identify which employees are more skilled at particular jobs. 


CloudDesk user activity monitoring is an essential component that every company can utilize for data protection. While there are specific “point solutions” for monitoring user behavior, companies should consider data protection systems that combine user activity monitoring with data discovery and classification, policy-based controls, and advanced reporting if you are searching for software to track user behavior, CloudDesk is one of the greatest options currently available. Try out a 14-day free trial of CloudDesk today.


CloudDesk's employee monitoring software can boost productivity and employee satisfaction by providing more flexibility.
  • Remote Employee Productivity Tracking
  • Face-ID Based Attendance Verification
  • Screenshot Based Activity & Audit Log
  • Analytics For Performance Optimization