Activity Tracking and How it Can Help Freelancers


Activity tracking is the process of recording and analyzing the data of an individual’s activities. It can be used to track time spent on projects or monitor how employees use their time. This article will focus on how freelancers can use activity tracking to improve their productivity.

Freelancers are usually self-disciplined, but they can still benefit from using software that tracks their activity levels. Activity tracking helps freelancers stay accountable for their work and provides valuable insights into how they spend their time.  

Software for Monitoring Work From Home Employees
  • Instant Visibility Into The Productivity Level Of Your Remote Team
  • Track Time With Productive, Idle And Break Type Categorisation
  • Help Employees To Free Up Time By Discarding Distracting Activities
  • Reward Employees Based On Their Work Ethics And Contribution
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Activity Tracking for Productiveness 

Tracking and improving employee productivity is the ultimate goal of any organization. If you are a manager, your responsibility is to ensure that your employees work at their best. But how? There are many ways to measure productivity, but time tracking is the most common. After all, time is money. Time tracking is a popular way to see how much time employees spend on different tasks and activities. You can also use this information to ensure employees work at their best. Time tracking software makes it easy for managers to monitor employee productivity and ensure they achieve their goals.

Time tracking is a very effective way of tracking how much time employees spend on each task and what they spend their time on. It also helps establish accountability for all the tasks that must be completed by a particular deadline, making it easier for employees and managers to set goals. 

Making Freelance Easier with the Clouddesk

CloudDesk is a productivity monitoring tool that helps freelancers and small businesses keep track of work and make sure they are on track to deliver quality work. The app is designed to help users stay focused on their tasks, manage their time, and improve productivity. Many companies are now using employee monitoring software to prevent misconduct and enhance productivity while ensuring that they get the ROI they aim for and their remote workforce is working efficiently during their work hours.

With CloudDesk, employers can track every activity of remote employees in real time. They can also use it to identify potential misconduct or misuse of company resources by employees. CloudDesk offers many features like time tracking, web & app usage, screenshot monitoring, and block-listed apps that can encourage employees to stay focused and limit the use of other websites. Face Verification is one of the most important features that organizations can use in employee monitoring software for freelancers and independent workers. This helps employers to keep track of their employees’ schedules and attendance using facial recognition technology. 

Why CloudDesk?

CloudDesk is the best employee monitoring and management software for any organization. The user-friendly software has features that serve organizations that operate ethically, trust their employees, and protect their privacy. Because of this, the app contains no intrusive features that could harm employees; instead, the features are designed to improve your business operations and help establish trust with your team. Sing up today to explore CloudDesk.

CloudDesk's employee monitoring software can boost productivity and employee satisfaction by providing more flexibility.
  • Remote Employee Productivity Tracking
  • Face-ID Based Attendance Verification
  • Screenshot Based Activity & Audit Log
  • Analytics For Performance Optimization