Employee Monitoring Software for Remote And On-site Work


It’s no secret that employee monitoring software has been a godsend for employers who need to keep an eye on and manage remote employees. But, it is important to remember that employee monitoring software is not just for employees who work from home. Companies can also use them to better track and manage employees in the office. When people started working from home at the start of the pandemic, the demand for employee monitoring software increased significantly. Now that restrictions are beginning to lighten in some areas, employee monitoring software can also help companies that have moved back to their offices.

Employee Monitoring Software For Office

Employee monitoring software can be helpful for employees who work in offices in various ways, for instance, by increasing employee accountability and productivity within the company. The manager can also analyze performance and improve the working environment using employee monitoring software.

Employee monitoring software significantly influences the effectiveness and level of accountability among all employees. They are urged to put forth their best effort and fulfil their given tasks on time since they know they are being monitored during working hours. Employees are encouraged to depend more on one another as the employee monitoring software enables a distributed workforce. This increases task team member accountability levels.

Software for Monitoring Work From Home Employees
  • Instant Visibility Into The Productivity Level Of Your Remote Team
  • Track Time With Productive, Idle And Break Type Categorisation
  • Help Employees To Free Up Time By Discarding Distracting Activities
  • Reward Employees Based On Their Work Ethics And Contribution
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In addition to preventing unethical usage of time, the internet, or information by an employee,  employee monitoring also provides valuable insights into their performance. Employee monitoring is the most reliable way to ensure proper performance and administration. Ideally, everything will stay on the right track, and employees will work during work hours. The administration staff will supervise, and the bosses can ultimately sigh in relief. In brief, the supervision of employees goes a long way towards ensuring a healthy work atmosphere. 

Employee monitoring software facilitates objective and fair performance assessments since it allows managers to assess each employee’s performance based on the amount of time they put in and the quality of their jobs. This makes it simple for companies to spot workers who are succeeding but are either having a hard time keeping up with their workloads or are procrastinating and concentrating on pointless things.

Lastly, employee monitoring software simplifies creating a safe and productive work environment. To guarantee that every employee gets along and works efficiently, business owners and employers should set guidelines for employee time check-ins and check-outs, employee engagement levels, and office spirit and culture.


The CloudDesk® remote employee monitoring software provides real-time visibility into distributed workforce activities to increase productivity, improve compliance, and optimize performance. This cloud-based solution is excellent for remote and in-office employees and enables employers to monitor employee engagement and time check-ins and check-outs. This software also gives managers advantageous decision-making and performance evaluation data, such as random screenshots, employee facial ID verification, and employee web and app usage monitoring. These features significantly contribute to the workplace’s productivity and accountability. If you need help deciding whether your organization needs employee monitoring software or how to implement it correctly, feel free to check out CloudDesk.

CloudDesk's employee monitoring software can boost productivity and employee satisfaction by providing more flexibility.
  • Remote Employee Productivity Tracking
  • Face-ID Based Attendance Verification
  • Screenshot Based Activity & Audit Log
  • Analytics For Performance Optimization