Remote Employee Monitoring- How to Use it Right Way?

Remote Employee Monitoring- How to Use it Right Way

According to Global Workplace Analytics, since 2009, remote work has increased by 159%. However, according to Owl Labs, it has grown by 55% over just the previous five years. Because of the pandemic, concerns regarding how to supervise employees remotely while following the law have developed alongside remote work.

Remote Employee Monitoring is Growing 

Gartner research shows that two months into lockdown, in May 2020, about 20% of the companies surveyed had already bought remote work monitoring software. In 2021, it is thought that 48% of employees work remotely after the pandemic. Those who worked remotely at least part-time before the pandemic were 18% more likely to have remote jobs. Companies keep an eye on their employees for several reasons, including trust, security, backups, and to see how productive they are. Josh Bersin, an HR industry analyst at the Josh Bersin Academy, says it’s great if the goal is to help employees. If it’s used to judge employees, it’s risky. If it’s used to punish them, it’s probably not a good idea. 

This is because employers and employees struggled to get along during the Covid era. Also, people have different doubts about how productive remote work is depending on who they ask and how they adjust to this new way of life. But a key part of working remotely is trusting someone to do their job right. This is especially true since 85% of managers surveyed by Tecla think that working from home will soon be the norm. 

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Pros of Remote Employee Monitoring 

There are many advantages to remote monitoring of employees. It enables companies to find common ground and monitors their efficiency. To increase productivity, companies are increasingly turning to software that tracks employees’ every move, from the moment they clock into the moment they clock out. This can be accomplished from any location. Employers can detect if their employees, for example, spend excessive time on social media or other sites unrelated to their jobs. 

Cons of Remote Employee Monitoring

There is no way to separate employee monitoring from a company’s ethics. Many employees may perceive the monitoring software unfavorably and conclude that their employers do not trust them. Employees may feel their privacy has been undervalued or violated, and it may be challenging to keep them on if monitoring seems intrusive. Monitoring may indicate a lack of trust, leading to resentment and a decline in employee morale. Less than half of employees are comfortable committing their data to their employer, according to January 2021 Gartner research. 44% are unaware of the data collected by companies.

Use the Best Employee Monitoring Software 

It varies from business to business which software is the best for managing remote staff. CloudDesk is your organization’s ideal workforce monitoring and management software if you consider the aforementioned practical guidelines. The simple-to-use software is designed to serve businesses that operate ethically, have faith in their staff, and value their privacy. Because of this, the software contains no intrusive features. Instead, the features are designed such that, once applied, they will improve your business operations and help you establish trust with your workforce. 

The software enables real-time visibility into the operations of a dispersed workforce to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and enhance compliance. This cloud-based system can assist your organization in allowing workers to work from any place by controlling time and attendance, breaks, and working time. You should start immediately if you are not currently utilizing this incredible software. CloudDesk is free for 14 days.

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