Remote Team Monitoring and How It Can Help to Connect with Remote Employees


Consider the rapid evolution of the business environment. Businesses have effectively adapted by using remote employees and hybrid methods of employment in order to meet the demands of the modern workplace. Businesses have saved money as a result, and their employees appreciate the newfound freedom. The use of monitoring software is important for keeping tabs on remote workers. It is usually installed on employees’ laptops or computers, letting managers track their work-related activities. Remote Team Monitoring can be used to monitor how productive an employee is, how long they spend on tasks, how far along a project is, and so on. All of these are important parts of figuring out if an employee is doing well or not.

Features of Remote Team Management Software

Remote team management software is becoming more and more popular. It helps to keep the communication between remote team members on track. It also provides tools that help to manage the workload, as well as time-saving tools.

Time Tracking

As the business grows, tracking time gets more difficult. Managers need to know how their remote employees are working and what projects are being worked on. This is an essential feature, especially for businesses with globally distributed teams, outsourced teams, or employees with flexible working hours. Whether managing an office team or a remote team, CloudDesk’s robust time-tracking app allows managers to monitor and manage what their employees are doing in real-time. It tracks and analyzes how employees spend time on each task, giving managers a complete visual picture of employees’ work activities.

Software for Monitoring Work From Home Employees
  • Instant Visibility Into The Productivity Level Of Your Remote Team
  • Track Time With Productive, Idle And Break Type Categorisation
  • Help Employees To Free Up Time By Discarding Distracting Activities
  • Reward Employees Based On Their Work Ethics And Contribution
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Activity Monitoring

Employee monitoring software provides insights into employee activities that dramatically improve team performance and empower employees to achieve bigger goals. It gives instant visibility into remote teams. Using activity monitoring software like CloudDesk, managers are able to increase productivity in their employees, find and remove bottlenecks in their projects, minimize distractions, and help their employees be more focused than ever before.


The remote screenshot capture feature provides a visual log of what employees are doing in real-time. A great way to check in on teams, in the modern office and remote, without interrupting them. Business owners can set the screenshot frequency at a random time in every minute. They can reduce or increase the frequency at which CloudDesk takes screenshots or turn the feature off completely on an individual user basis.

Detailed Reporting

Without a detailed reporting feature, monitoring software is useless. It helps managers gain valuable insights by using the dashboard to get a log of employees’ daily activity. It can help to boost employee productivity. Managers can drill down into employees’ active work time, idle time, web usage, and other criteria to quickly discover trends. CloudDesk helps managers customize their reports with advanced filtering options by date, time, and user. The report can be downloaded in excel, CSV, or pdf format. The automatic report generation system ensures completely unbiased reviews on employee performance, identifies employee strengths and weaknesses, and gives you a database report on employee work contributions for your organization.

How to Choose the Best Remote Employee Monitoring Software for Your Business Needs?

With the rise of remote work, managing a remote workforce has become a challenge for many employers. CloudDesk offers a range of features that make it easier for employers to manage their teams remotely:

  •     A time-tracking tool that helps you monitor your employees’ working hours and productivity
  •     An activity log where you can check what your employees have been doing on their computers
  •     Block-listed website and app options where the manager will get an instant notification if any employee uses a block-listed application
  •     Screenshot monitoring to get important data about how the team is spending their work time

Remote Teams are Driving the Future of Work

Remote teams are driving the future of work. The benefits are clear – a more productive and happier workforce. Remote employees have been seen to be more productive and happier than their in-office counterparts. This is due to the lack of distractions they experience when working remotely, such as office noise and interruptions. This is also contributed to by the fact that employees can work from wherever they want, boosting creativity and productivity. There is no better way to maintain and connect with remote employees than using monitoring software. CloudDesk is easy to use and install. Try CloudDesk with a 14-day free trial now. No credit card is required.

CloudDesk's employee monitoring software can boost productivity and employee satisfaction by providing more flexibility.
  • Remote Employee Productivity Tracking
  • Face-ID Based Attendance Verification
  • Screenshot Based Activity & Audit Log
  • Analytics For Performance Optimization