Why Successful Companies Use Employee Monitoring Software

Nowadays, most companies are results-driven and depend on employee monitoring software. Just a few years ago, it was a “nice-to-have.” Today, it is a “must-have.” In reality, employee monitoring is now used by around 80% of large companies. By using monitoring software, companies can become 24% more productive, manage time 60% more accurately, and save up to $10 million annually.

Savvy companies of all sizes use employee monitoring software—large corporations, remote teams, well-known agencies, quickly expanding startups, and everyone in between. Simply put, it’s the most accurate approach to evaluate productivity, monitor attendance, and monitor employees easily.

60% or less of work time is actually spent productively

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That means more than 40% of work time is wasted. This is an eye-watering figure for any company trying to run a productive and profitable business. It’s easy to feel powerless about how your employees waste their work time. In reality, tracking employees’ every activity in the modern workplace is impossible. Today’s remote working environments are mostly left unchecked and unmonitored. Endless hours are wasted on social media and browsing other unnecessary sites. This is where employee monitoring software comes in.

What Kind of Employee Activity Can be Monitored? 

With today’s powerful employee tracking software, it’s easy to monitor employee activities, including:

  •     App & Web Tracking
  •     Time Tracking
  •     Screenshots
  •     Behaviour Analysis
  •     Detailed Reporting
  •     Blacklisted Apps
  •     Fake Activity Tracking 

With employee monitoring software like CloudDesk, managers can create a powerful report of employees’ daily activity. CloudDesk’s employee monitoring software is also available on mobile phones. Employers can view all the activities from a single dashboard.

Some Advantages of Employee Monitoring Software

Businesses of all sizes experience major benefits from the simple decision to install employee tracking software. Let’s take a look at just some of what you can expect.

Less Time Wasted

89% of employees admit to wasting time during the workday. More plainly, if you have a team of 100 employees, only 11 of them aren’t wasting time during work hours. Moreover, employees waste between 30 minutes to five hours a day. This all adds up for employers, who are stuck with a bill of more than 40 billion dollars in wasted time every year. Using an employee monitoring tool like CloudDesk, with each action monitored and every minute tracked, you can plug the leaky hole of wasted time.

Increased Productivity

Whether browsing the internet, scrolling social media, or checking personal email, endless non-work-related tasks destroy productivity. It’s estimated that non-work-related tasks cost companies $134b a year. Employee activity monitoring software increases productivity with real-time monitoring and up-to-the-minute charts that measure individual productivity.

Trust Between Teams

Remote monitoring is a matter of mutual trust and respect. Employee time tracking software doesn’t create any threat to employees. Instead, it promotes employee engagement and provides a secure space for everyone to manage and improve their performance and work efficiency. Anyone using the software should be able to see their timesheets, activity time, and project tasks. It’s a reliable platform for building an honest and open working culture, and employees can feel comfortable using this software. 


Now you know the productivity, performance, and savings benefits of employee monitoring software like CloudDesk. As monitoring technology has evolved, it’s become simple to install, use, and customize. Even so, the decision to start monitoring employees in the workplace depends on your team’s structure, goals, and what priority you put on productivity and performance.

This guide will help you make a clear decision about employee monitoring tools. Still, the only way to buy the best computer monitoring software for your team is to try it first. At CloudDesk, we invite you to try a free 14-day trial. Monitor every activity, try every feature, and make the smart decision about whether it’s right for you.

CloudDesk's employee monitoring software can boost productivity and employee satisfaction by providing more flexibility.
  • Remote Employee Productivity Tracking
  • Face-ID Based Attendance Verification
  • Screenshot Based Activity & Audit Log
  • Analytics For Performance Optimization